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Contract Information




Agency Contract ID: C2995

Long Title: Community Partnership Agreement


Total Contract Amount: $421,000,000.00

Total Budgetary Amount: $421,000,000.00

Total Payment To Date: $414,913,829.92

Date of Execution: 03/22/2021

General Description: Comprehensive healthcare services to the Department’s inmates housed at the Department’s correctional institutions and their assigned satellite facilities, including annexes, work camps, road prisons, and work release centers.

Main Information

Agency Contract ID: C2995

FLAIR Contract ID: C2995

Short Title: HealthSvcs

Long Title: Community Partnership Agreement

Contract Type: No Ceiling / Rate Agreement

Contract Status: Active

Date of Execution: 03/22/2021

Date of Beginning: 07/01/2022

Original End Date: 06/30/2023

New Ending Date:

Agency Service Area:

Statutory Authority: 945.025, and 287.057(3)(e)5., F.S.

Contract Involves State or Federal Financial Assistance: No


Provide for Administrative Cost: No

Provide for Periodic Increase: No

Procurement Information

Authorized Advanced Payment: No

Method of Procurement: Exempt, health services including examination, diagnosis, treatment, prevention, medical consultation, or administration [s. 287.057(3)(e)5., F.S.]

State Term Contract ID:

Contract’s Exemption Justification: Health services, including examination, diagnosis, treatment, prevention, medical consultation or administration. [s. 287.057 (3)(e)(5), FS]

Agency Reference Number:

Business Case Study Done: No

Legal Challenges to Procurement: No

Outsourcing / Capital Improvements

Was the Contracted Function Previously Performed by the State: No

Was the Contracted Function Considered for Insourcing back to the State: No

Did the Vendor Make Capital Improvements on State Property: No

Budget Information

Original Contract Amount: $421,000,000.00

Total Contract Amount: $421,000,000.00

Total Recurring Budgetary Amount: $421,000,000.00

Total Non-Recurring Budgetary Amount: $0.00

Total Budgetary Amount: $421,000,000.00

Total Unfunded Amount: $0.00

As of Date: 3/26/2021

Recurring Budgetary Amount Account Code Fiscal Year Effective Date FY Cost Accumulator Agency Amendment Reference
$421,000,000.00 70-10-1-000908-70251000-00-104017-00 07/01/2022 2022-2023

No Non-Recurring Budgetary records found for this contract.

Contract Change

Change Type Amendment Amount Agency Amendment Reference Change Description Amendment Effective Date Amendment Execution Date New Ending Date
Amendment $0.00 AMD #1 Invoice Adjustments 05/12/2023 05/12/2023


Name Line 1Name Line 2City State ZipMinority Vendor Designation
CENTURION OF FL, LLC VIENNA VA 221820000 Non-Minority


No CFDA Codes found for the contract.


No CSFA Codes found for the contract.
More Deliverable Number      Commodity/Service Type Major Deliverable Method of Payment
Traditional healthcare services Compliance with Contract terms and conditions. Cost Reimbursement Plus Percentage of Cost
Traditional healthcare services Reports as required in Section III., X., Reporting Requirements. Cost Reimbursement Plus Percentage of Cost
Traditional healthcare services Appropriate health care services, including medical records, for inmates at Department-operated inst... Cost Reimbursement Plus Percentage of Cost
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Payments are also referred to as expenditures (creating or incurring a legal obligation to disburse money) or disbursements (the payment of expenditures). Payments include disbursements and accounting adjustments made on a contract. Payments are always positive amounts while accounting adjustments may be positive or negative depending on the type of adjustment.

Payment Details

"Date" in the listing below indicates the date the payment voucher was recorded in the system, not the date the payment was issued.
More Fiscal Year Total Amount
2023-2024 $47,077,560.03
2022-2023 $367,836,269.89

If a payment or adjustment to a contract was made before July 1, 2012, the information may not be posted in this system.

Contract Documents

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Document Type Document Reference # Executed Date Document Add Date Agency Document Link View
Original Contract Original Contract - C2995 03/22/2021 3/26/2021 2:50:27 PM
Amendment AMD #1 05/12/2023 5/16/2023 2:21:19 PM

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Audit Type Review Date Fiscal Year View
Contract Review 11/15/2022 2022-2023 View

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