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Welcome to the Florida Accountability Contract Tracking System (FACTS), an online tool developed to make the government contracting process in Florida more transparent through the creation of a centralized, statewide contract reporting system. Through FACTS, the ability to track state contracts by government agencies and the public will foster greater accountability and transparency in government spending.

All contracts with an ending date of February 29, 2012, or later that meet the requirements of the Florida Statutes are entered into FACTS and summarized on this website, with a few exceptions. Contracts containing an ending date prior to February 29, 2012, may not appear in the system, and consequently are not summarized on this website. Further, statutory or programmatic limitations may prevent certain contracts from reporting to this website. For example, contracts that are exempt or confidential pursuant to law will not appear in FACTS. For records or other information related to contracts with an ending date prior to February 29, 2012, that have not been entered in FACTS, please contact the agency that was party to the contract. The Master (Record) Copy of each contract remains in the custody of the agency that was party to the contract. To obtain additional information related to a state agency’s contracts or a copy of a contract pursuant to Chapter 119 of the Florida Statutes, please make a public record request to the appropriate agency. Click here for the public records contact information for each agency.

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